International Truss Systems - The first full System provider to hold the SABS 9001 certificate in South Africa.

For over 19 years International Truss Systems have been the industry's provider of the ITS galvanised steel connector plate, used primarily in the manufacture of prefabricated roof trusses. Connector plates are used to produce rigid, distortion free joints of strength greater than any other form of timber jointing. This strength, plus the greater resistance to rust given by the use of galvanised steel, ensures a greater life-cycle. With modern methods of construction, prefabricated trusses provide added value towards the overall build process by reducing the time required on site. These SABS approved connector plates are manufactured at our Jet Park base and distributed throughout South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.



SpaceJoist® Metal webs are 'V' shaped components made of galvanised steel and are used in the construction of the ITS SpaceJoist®, the innovative floor joist system. They have connector plates top and bottom for fixing to timber flanges and are available in five different sizes. When combined with the parallel stress graded timber flanges they form SpaceJoist® beams, giving an open web floor that can clear span large distances. The metal webs are pressed in to the timber flanges using an SpaceJoist® press which uses external and internal clamps to ensure a quality product is manufactured every time.

The application of SpaceJoist® with its design practicalities of being an open web based system, is used in a wide variety of construction areas in loose or cassette form for floors and roofs and is applicable for houses, flats and commercial buildings.



We are at the forefront of machine technology, providing customers with a comprehensive range of manually or CNC controlled manufacturing machinery for truss, SpaceJoist® and special products manufacturing. With full mechanical installation services, backup and training provided for truss and Tri-Joist® manufacturing, the client base has the peace of mind that a `one stop shop' for engineering services is fully available.

International Truss Systems also supply a range of equipment from Randek, AV Birch, DePauw and Pacific Automation.

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Timbalok is a range of newly developed structural timber sundry components that encompass the most commonly used support elements in the design and erection of timber roof trusses.

During the development of the Timbalok range, ideas from the four corners of the globe have been evaluated and improved upon and the range of components offer the user unrivalled flexibility in timber connection and support hardware.

The Timbalok range of components have been designed and manufactured in accordance with all relevant Codes of Practice and building regulations and have been tested by the C.S.I.R.

The full range of Timbalok timber connector components are maintained at our depots in Jet Park, Durban and Cape Town.



- for a better and more cost effective roof.

In a highly competitive market, companies are having to stream line their business in order to stay competitive. One way is by moving away from the old expensive conventional materials, to better and more cost effective materials. Truss suppliers through out the country have found that the Metal Batten and Purlin manufactured by International Truss Systems have enabled them to produce less expensive and better quality roofs.

Advantages of the Metal Batten and Purlin:

  • Prices are comparable with the timber equivalent
  • Less wastage as members are always straight
  • Sections fit into one another thus reducing the area they take up on the truck
  • Sections are ligther than their timber counter parts allowing more material to be loaded on the truck
  • Less storage space required as section fit into one another
  • Less labour required when handling
  • Sections can be made to any required lengths
  • Reduction of purlin to rafter connection
  • Reduces pilferage compared to timber equivalents.

Metal Batten: TMR02 – Can be used:

  • As a batten in tiled roofs:
    Max tile weight of 0.60kN/m2
    Max truss spacing of 830mm
    Max batten spacing of 400mm
  • As a web runner
  • As a bottom chord runner
  • As a diagonal brace
  • As brandering for ceiling installations
  • For various applications in DIY projects.

Metal Purlin: TSP01 – Can be used:

  • As a batten in tiled roofs:
    Max tile weight of 0.60kN/m2
    Max truss spacing of 1200mm
    Max batten spacing of 400mm
  • As a purlin in sheeted roofs:
    Min sheeting thickness of 0.5mm
    Max sheeting weight of 0.11kN.m2
    Max truss spacing of 1400mm
    Max purlin spacing of 1200mm
  • As a tilting fillet in roofs using the Metal Batten
  • As a web runner
  • As a bottom chord runner
  • As a diagonal brace
  • For various applications in DIY projects.
Metal Batten Metal Purlin