As a business, International Truss Systems takes great care and pride in providing quality and prompt service levels to its client base. Our focus and aim is always to assist in the growth of our clients which in turn will help International Truss Systems become a stronger operator in the timber engineering and the preferred system supplier within the market place.

Our philosophy is to measure our clients in the use of our products and software on a regular basis so we can tune our business approach to the needs of your requirements through a mixture of client focused meetings, specific company consultancy days and of course individually or combined training courses.

Design Engineering

The design office of International Truss Systems provides engineering expertise, advice and design engineering consultancy on the provision of technical and detailed drawing layouts for roof trusses, SpaceJoist® and timber frame. With many years of experience backed up by the close workmanship with the Lignum Lab and other industry bodies, International Truss Systems is at the forefront of innovation of connector plate technology.

Key points of interest include:

  • Dedicated design staff available for design, engineering and advice for Roofcon, Trusscon & Quotecon and SpaceJoist®
  • Full calculations and fabrication details can be provided
  • Quick and rapid responses to all design and quotation work
  • All quotes provided free of charge

Software Development

All of our core software solutions are continually developed and are comprehensively backed up by dedicated development teams. This provides annual product enhancements, bug-fixes and structured upgrades which are provided in CD-ROM format or can be downloaded from the customer secure website login. Any investment in software whether small or large requires comfort that the application will be perpetual and developed to the needs and requirement of your business. Here at International Truss Systems, we have systems in place that track support calls and software feature enhancements so they can be assessed, developed and added to the next product cycle release.

Bespoke development is also a service offered to suit the requirements of individual customers or the market as a whole. Detailed specifications are created prior to client approval followed by key stages of the development cycle to final delivery and installation of the completed solution. Time is spent by specialist development team members in understanding the required end need so that both International Truss Systems and the client are clear and focused on achieving the correct end result.

Key points of interest include:

  • Dedicated development staff with extensive industry knowledge
  • Flexible approach to customer specific requirements
  • Structured approach to product development
  • Tailored solutions that saves time and costs

Training & Consultancy

All our solutions are offered with comprehensive consultancy and training programmes to ensure that the return on investment in software is realised as quickly as possible. With state-of-the-art training rooms, dedicated professional trainers from the industry and the ability to provide tailored company specific courses, we ensure that techniques learned during training are fully utilised in the most efficient manner to improve productivity.

Commencing with skills assessment, we ascertain the user's current level and capabilities to identify areas for improvement during the training, therefore ensuring maximum learning capacity at all times. Structured courses then allow our staff to get to know the individuals, the company and how they all work to ensure the best implementation of the software. This approach to training allows the users to advance their skills with the day to day business activities.

Key points of interest include:

  • Long term business partnerships grow your business and ours
  • Consultancy provision reinforces the investments made
  • Dedicated support teams provide quick and accurate responses
  • Support via web, TeamViewer®
  • User group meetings provide valuable feedback to future software development
  • Client specific courses upon request to suit all needs
  • Weekly scheduled industry led courses