Roofcon, Trusscon & Quotecon Training is available to all International Truss Systems Fabricators free of charge. All Training is preferred to take place at I.T.S offices in Johannesburg. Lunches will be provided.

The training is split into three modules allowing the students to take the knowledge that they have learn and practice these skills in the working environment.

Module 1 - Beginners Level
  • Basic roof Input (Walls, Roof Sections)
  • Generate Quotations
  • Bracing Rules.
  • Site Layouts
After completion of this level the student will be able to work and operate as a junior estimator.
Period: 3 - 5 Days
Module 2 - Intermediate Level
  • Advance Roof input
  • Explanation and understanding of calculations.
  • Interactive Truss Design.
  • Bracing Rules Advanced.
  • Site Layouts Advanced.
Period: 3 - 5 Days
Module 3 - Advance Level
  • Engineering Module
  • Advanced Truss Design
  • Loads Advances
Period: 3 - 5 Days